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Fox News has reported that one of two .50 BMG rifles found at drug lord El Chapo’s [Joaquin Guzman] hideout has been traced back to the BATFE arm’s smuggling scheme “Fast & Furious”  [“Project Gunrunner”]. This program [devised under former US Attorney General Eric Holder] enabled and assisted in the deliberate and illegal smuggling of firearms via straw buyers from dealers in the US, to criminal organizations in Mexico. This was all part of a botched effort by the Obama Administration and the Calderón Administration to bring substance to their unsubstantiated rhetoric that US gun dealers were somehow responsible for the violence on the US-Mexico border.

The BATFE program has come under fire on numerous occasions as these weapons turned up at multiple crime scenes, including the murder of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. If the Fox News report proves to be true, it will not be surprising to those who are paying attention. The federal government has a solid track record of arming violent criminals abroad while pushing political efforts to disarm Americans. There is increasing evidence that our own government has actively participated in arming and supplying Jihadist rebel groups in Syria, Iraq and Libya as well. Therefor, one cannot avoid but to notice the painfully obvious double-standard being pushed by the elite political class in DC.

If we are going to push for more national-level “gun control”, perhaps halting the export of deadly weaponry to hostile groups such as drug cartels and radical Islamic militias would be a good place to begin. Perhaps we should take it a step further and barre the government from organizing any large-scale weapons deals whatsoever. After all, they appear to lack the level of competence, foresight and accountability needed to do it safely.

Remain watchful folks.

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El-Chapo’s .50 BMG Traced Back to BATFE’s “Fast & Furious”
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  • May 4, 2016 at 10:07

    Eric Holder deserves to be in prison for conducting this program.


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