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It appears that the State of Hawaii wants to pioneer the effort of reporting gun owners to a federal registry operated by the FBI. The claimed purpose of this is to help the State snuff out gun owners who lawfully purchased the weapon, but later became “disqualified” to own it for whatever reason the State deems adequate.

Most of us so-called “paranoid gun nuts” knew long ago that local registration schemes would eventually lead to wide-spread confiscation efforts [as they always have]. The “progressive” approach to gun control is an incremental process. They take numerous little bites out of our rights over long periods of time [many decades] hoping that we won’t notice. Eventually, their long-term goal is a complete and total disarmament of the US citizenry.

The “progressives” began their stealthy decent against American values in the late 19th century. They are indeed a patient bunch. It appears that we are coming ever closer to such an end with the use of a federal registry to “track” gun owners.

You can read more about it via the AP website here.

The Federal Gun Registry Begins
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