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Adiga Armory recently decided to put our money where our mouth is and part ways with two companies that have provided technology services to us for nearly a decade. The first of which is GoDaddy, and the second is Google.



Shortly after the deadly violence in the wake of a “white nationalist” rally in Charlottesville, VA, GoDaddy decided to jump on the “resistance” bandwagon by delisting an unrelated 3rd-party website called “Daily Stormer”. GoDaddy claimed that Daily Stormer violated it’s Terms of Use by publishing a post that essentially mocked the victim of the Charlottesville incident. While many folks are certain to disagree with the positions posted on Daily Stormer, the very essence of free speech is to tolerate the opinions of others, particularly those with whom we disagree.

GoDaddy demonstrated an increasingly-common political bias from big tech organizations by shutting down the Daily Stormer web assets based solely on objectionable political content… despite the fact that Daily Stormer did nothing illegal. Needless to say, GoDaddy set a very dangerous precedent in doing so.

As a result of GoDaddy’s newfound role as moral gatekeeper for the Internet, Adiga Armory decided to part ways with GoDaddy by transferring all of our URL registrations, security certificates and hosting plans out of GoDaddy to a more politically neutral company called DreamHost.

After all, we are a firearms organization with deep beliefs and respect for the US Constitution. It would be hypocritical for us to give our money to a company that actively censors political free speech on the Internet.



For several years, Adiga Armory has used Google services to conduct business; from using paid G-Suite [aka Google Apps] accounts for email and cloud services, to running Adsense ads on our blog and using Adwords to market our own services. Unfortunately, evidence has mounted over the years that Google is also wielding their massive power and web dominance to suppress the voices of those with whom they disagree.

Recent studies have shown that Google’s search engine is heavily biased, and tends to heavily reduce the search rankings of conservative websites. Also, Google News has for years linked to an overwhelming majority of liberal media sources. What’s worse, it appears that Google’s search engine may have been actively configured to protect 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton from the vast volumes of damning evidence released on the web from her many scandals.

Then, unsurprisingly, Google proceeded to boost post-election search rankings for any content that blames the Trump victory on Russian election meddling. There is a word for this folks… hypocrisy. You can’t go about meddling with an election, then complain about someone else meddling later.

All of this from a company who’s motto was “Don’t Be Evil”.

While it is nearly impossible for any company with a web presence to completely sever it’s ties with Google, Adiga Armory decided we would at least stop paying for their services. Therefore, we closed all of our paid G-Suite accounts, cancelled all Adwords campaigns and removed all Adsense ads from our websites.

Unfortunately, we still cannot escape our damaged Google search rankings, which mysteriously dropped our incoming organic search traffic by more than 60% within a few short months after we started posting politically opinions on our blog. Coincidence you say? We think not… Maybe we were “almost blacklisted” by Google like others have been.

Startpage Search “Almost Blacklisted by Google”

Powerline Blog “Almost Blacklisted”

If that is the case, we will wear our scarlet letter with pride!



Unfortunately, GoDaddy and Google are not the only ones who feel it is appropriate to play “thought police” with the Internet. For years now, companies like Twitter and Facebook were quick to shut down conservative voices who ignored their political correctness directives, all while allowing mass murderers like ISIS to use their service as a recruiting platform for spreading violence, hatred and fanaticism across the globe.

The one-sidedness of these companies’ censorship efforts is truly mind blowing. For example, they claim to be trying to quell violence and fight “hatred” by muting so-called “white nationalists”, yet they have no problem letting violent anarchists, radicals and racists like Antifa, the Council for American-Islamic Relations [CAIR] and Black Lives Matter [BLM], respectively, use their online services to organize deadly “protests”, spread hateful propaganda, and glorify the violent destruction of our cities and our country… which, by the way, has led to several orders of magnitude more of death and destruction than any “white nationalist” website ever dreamed of.

Imagine for a moment if Adiga Armory behaved like GoDaddy or Google and refused to offer Concealed Carry Courses to “liberals” or “progressives”. I mean think about it… historically, this platform [ideology] has conducted decades of fierce campaigns against private gun ownership and acted in support of widespread gun-control schemes at every level of our society. Furthermore, it has propagated countless lies and bigoted stereotypes about gun owners and so-called “gun nuts”. It also tends to be overwhelmingly sympathetic toward groups that openly promote violence, such as the aforementioned Antifa, CAIR and BLM.

By all measures, this ideology could be construed as extremely dangerous to gun owners and law-abiding citizens, and we could be well-justified in banning them from firearms training. If we behaved like the tantrum-ridden toddlers of big tech, we would not allow anyone that identifies or associates with this ideology to take one of our courses.

However, we are not of this school of thought. We do not seek to mute and exclude from society people we disagree with for simply speaking their opinion. We believe that the Bill of Rights applies to all Americans equally, even if we don’t like their opinion. Therefor, we do not discriminate against our patrons based on their political leanings.



We understand that the 1st Amendment only applies to limiting the powers of the government, and not to private firms. We fully understand that these companies are well within their rights to do business with whomever they please, and we have no intention of challenging that.

We do, however, believe that we are well within our rights to take our money elsewhere. Instead of suing these firms to force them to “accept” our way of life, we prefer to let natural market forces take care of things. And, if our new host one day decides to do the same, we will not hesitate to dump them too. Fortunately, there are many freedom-based tech firms popping up in the wake of the increasingly hostile Silicone Valley mafia.

It was admittedly quite labor-intensive for a small company like Adiga Armory to migrate our technology services after nearly a decade of being embedded in those environments. However, we hope the efforts will be worthwhile and will inspire others to follow suite.

Regardless of your beliefs, internet censorship against political free speech should make the hair on the back of your neck stand at attention. This, my friends, is the road to China, North Korea, USSR, Iran and Saudi Arabia, and has no place in a “free country”.

We at Adiga Armory will continue to do what we can to keep from funding those with such a blatant disdain toward our cherished liberties.


Breaking Up with Big Tech
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  • September 20, 2017 at 10:32

    The bottom line is that the snowflakes are total cowards and can’t handle any level of discomfort, however slight. Including sharing space with someone who disagrees with them. Total cowards.


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