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As if the world needed even more political censorship and free speech infringement by big technology firms, Disqus announced it’s new “Toxicity Mod Filter” in Aug, 2017. According to a blog post from Disqus, the new filter is described accordingly.

Leveraging Jigsaw’s Perspective API, our new Toxicity Mod Filter uses natural language processing and machine learning to detect and tag comments in the Moderation Panel that have a high likelihood of being toxic. Moderators can use this information to prioritize their efforts and lower the negative impact of toxic content on their communities.

Furthermore, a “toxic comment” is defined as any of the following:

Abuse: The main goal of the comment is to abuse or offend an individual or group of individuals
Trolling: The main goal of the comment is to garner a negative response
Lack of contribution: The comment does not actually contribute to the conversation
Reasonable reader property: Reading the comment would likely cause a reasonable person to leave a discussion thread.

As you can see, Disqus has jumped right onto the hyper-sensitive, delicate as a flower, fragile as a fruit fly bandwagon by developing a tool that auto-magically blocks any comment that might be offensive to someone, or might cause a so-called “reasonable person” to leave the conversation.

One can’t help but to wonder if this pseudo-AI robo-censor will be as politically biased toward political correctness as pretty much everything else that comes out of the California tech industry. Time will tell.

After using Disqus for the past couple of years to manage comments on this blog, we hastily parted ways with them. It seems that with all of the bias and political censorship coming from the tech establishment, the time is ripe for tech-savvy patriots to launch freedom-friendly tech startups.

For more info, see the related Disqus blog post.

Disqus and Google Develop “Toxicity Mod Filter”
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One thought on “Disqus and Google Develop “Toxicity Mod Filter”

  • September 20, 2017 at 10:35

    Anyone want to take a stab at which way their bias will lean? I’ll give you a hint… Disqus is in San Francisco.


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