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When we think about the many threats facing the United States today, we might think about things like terrorism, nuclear war, increasingly-powerful and aggressive adversaries, border security, massive cyber-attacks, natural disasters, etc. However, all of these threats pale in comparison to the greatest threat to national security this nation has ever seen…

While many people have perished at the hands of the aforementioned entities, they are a drop in the bucket compared to the 100+ million that have been brutally murdered during the spread of communism over the past century. God only knows how many hundreds of millions more were beaten, incarcerated, tortured, threatened, displaced or otherwise forced, against their will, to tow the communist line. And, lets not forget the hundreds of millions more that lived in utter misery in their tiny, cold, concrete bloc public housing, or that simply starved to death as communist “economics” decimated one country after another. Considering these indisputable facts, maybe McCarthy had a very rational basis to his fears.

Why is this a problem for America?

According to a recent survey by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, one in two U.S. millennials say they would rather live in a socialist or communist country than a capitalist democracy. Also, far more respondents considered the bona fide Marxist Bernie Sanders┬áto be a “hero” than our President, Donald Trump. Furthermore, the brutal and murderous communist, Che Guevara, was considered a “hero” by 26% of respondents. Not surprisingly, these same millennials failed miserably to identify even the most basic communist principles; meaning that they blindly support a horrific ideology that they don’t even understand.

To bolster the results of this survey, the overwhelming popularity of Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential campaign is prima facie evidence that a massive heap of our own population are full-blown communists… even though most of them don’t know jack squat about communism or it’s blood-drenched history.

Currently, close to 1/2 of our population believes in Marxism in some form. The ideology wears many masks and has taken on many names, from ‘democratic socialism’ to simply being “progressive”. But underneath it all hides the same deceptive ideology built on the false promise of “equality” through class warfare; every single iteration resulting in mass murder, economic collapse, famine, dictatorships, and widespread destruction of human rights. If the violent and fascistic behavior of radical leftists since their 2016 election loss is any indicator of things to come, the USA is in for some very difficult times ahead.

Since the Bolshevik Revolution a century ago, communists and their sympathizers have effectively infiltrated every level of American government; federal, state and local, courts, legislatures, even the oval office. They have also run amok in the mass media, and even in our military. The images below of West Point graduate, Second Lt. Spenser Rapone, illustrates just one of possibly thousands of military members that hold contempt toward American values and our Constitution. After all, it provides rights and protections to individual citizens that run contrary to the collectivist, state-centric beliefs.

Communist West Point Rapone

Communist West Point Rapone
Image Via S. Rapone Twitter Feed

When trying to understand how and why we are in this dangerous state, we need to look at our education system. When I was a child going to public schools in the 1980’s and 90’s, the only tragedies we learned about were the forced removal of American Indians from their land, and black slavery in America. I also received copious amounts of information regarding the vast blood trail of the Nazi’s, who notoriously slaughtered over 6-million Jews in the 1930’s and 40’s.

While these events were indeed terrible and should not be forgotten, we were never given a single ounce of information on the ocean of blood that was spilled in the name of Marxism. Lenin’s Bolsheviks and Stalin’s Gulag network in the USSR butchered nearly 10 times as many people as Hitler did. Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge murdered 1/4 of the Cambodian population. What about the 40+ million that Mao butchered in China during his bloody “anti-Imperial” rise to power? And lets not forget the radical leftist icon, beloved by so many US college kids; the man that always appears on tee shirts at Berkeley anti-freedom rallies; the glorious Che Guevara!!!… who ordered thousands of political executions and even ran his own political prison camp, similar to the “business model” of Stalin’s Gulags.

Where was the education on this? Where was the accountability? Where was the justice? It was nowhere to be found. We heard endless grievances about the slavery that happened centuries ago, but not a peep about the mass slavery that is still happening today [AKA communist ‘re-education camps’].┬áMass war crimes by communists were not prosecuted, and the history books and mass media went silent.

On the contrary, we were instead offered the glamorized “Marxian Economics” course taught by a self-proclaimed communist at the state university [which, of course, receives millions of dollars per year in public funding, and, of course, made absolutely no mention of the 100% historical failure rate of Marxism, let alone the 100+ million people that starved to death when Marx’s delusions were put to practice].

On top of that, we were forced to take political correctness classes that negatively targeted the natural enemy of communism… the American patriot. Considering the aforementioned evidence, one can only conclude that the bulk of the US Education system, the mass media, and the United Nations, who are tasked with investigating war crimes, has been heavily infiltrated by full-blown communists, bent on sheltering and protecting their mass-murdering comrades from any form of justice.

For years I was bathed in pro-communist, pro-socialist, anti-American propaganda at school and in the media. It was not until I reached my mid-20’s that I began to see right through it. This was the result of being fortunate enough to travel the world and visit places that were permanently scared by communism. I heard countless horror stories from my close family members [including my own parents, grandparents and two uncles] whose lives were destroyed by communists. I also took the initiative to educate myself on it’s true history, rather than relying on the Dept of Education and the red-simpatico media as my sole source of info. Unfortunately, millennials have now passed their mid-20’s, and they appear to only be headed deeper into left field. I can only hope that they are not disappointed when they finally get what they are asking for.

As the history of communism has proven countless times, we can only expect that this will someday lead to a massive, violent conflict between the communists and the free people they wish to dominate. Due to the contradictory nature of these two groups, it appears increasingly unlikely that they can both remain under a single flag in the long run. From this perspective, the rapid rise of communism in America is, by far, the most dangerous threat to national security the US has ever seen.


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2 thoughts on “The Greatest Threat to National Security

  • December 20, 2017 at 10:13

    I fully agree that the internal threat from these ignorant pro-commie leftists is by far more dangerous than any external enemy. These people hold positions of power, public offices, military posts, etc, and totally hate every founding principle this country was built on. This is really the only thing that is capable of destroying the United States. Not sure what the solution is, but they need to go.

    • December 20, 2017 at 10:23

      I hear you… if we had an Attorney General that was a bit more bold, he could use the ‘Communist Control Act of 1954’ to clean out and/or shut down the many orgs that are infiltrated and controlled by communists [starting with the US Dept of Education]. Amazingly, this brazen legislative act passed through Congress with overwhelming bi-partisan support… House [305-2] Senate [85-0]. How times have changed.


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