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Colorado politicians in the US House of Representatives once again displayed their complete and total contempt toward the 2nd Amendment in voting against H.R.38 – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017. This reform bill not only restores the God-given right to self defense for millions of law-abiding Americans when traveling away from home, but also serves to strengthen the NICS background check system.

Unfortunately, all three Colorado Democrats voted against the measure; Diana DeGette [Democrat-District 1], Jared Polis [Democrat-District 2] and Ed Perlmutter [Democrat-District 7] were all “noes”. Only 6 Democrats nationwide voted to approve the bill out of 194 that currently occupy seats in the House.

The Democrats were joined by an astounding 14 Republicans, including Colorado RINO Ken Buck [Republican-District 4], who voted against the bill. It is disappointing, but not surprising how many Republicans share the belief that only the ruling class deserve the right to armed protection.

Full vote tally here:

It seems that Colorado is once again stuck with the worst of the worst when it comes to gun-grabbing elitist politicians. It is a toxic combination of anti-American, uber-leftist Democrats from the likes of Denver and Boulder, to limp-wristed, self-serving RINO enablers who couldn’t care less about the people of this country, followed by a minority of true patriots that lose more political power everyday. Colorado appears to be on a “progressive” decline in the likes of California… where, as always, the ruling class enjoy 24/7/365 armed protection for themselves, but are glad to throw us declawed lowly serfs to the wolves [of which there are many in their “sanctuary” societies].

Fortunately, wiser minds prevailed and the bill passed the House with a final vote of 231 [Y] – 198 [N] – 4 [NV]. We praise the three Colorado Representatives that voted to approve the measure; Scott Tipton  [Republican-District 3], Doug Lamborn  [Republican-District 5], Mike Coffman [Republican-District 6] all voted “aye”. While they are a minority in Colorado politics, we appreciate these gentlemen siding with the people of this country who overwhelmingly support the restoration of the heavily-eroded 2nd Amendment.

Now it is on to the Senate, where pro-2nd Amendment forces have less room for “noes” and the globalists run amok. We will continue to watch this closely and hope for the best.

Colorado Politicians Continue to Vote Against Freedom
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One thought on “Colorado Politicians Continue to Vote Against Freedom

  • December 20, 2017 at 09:54

    Not surprised at all. I remember years ago there were still many pro-gun Democrats. Those days are gone… they have turned into partisan-lemming-anti-gun-zealots. I am guessing this has a lot to do with the communist party having infiltrated the Democrat party over the past few decades. Democrats were not like this back in the 50’s. After JFK, it was all down hill. Republicans also have a lot of blame to share in eroding the 2nd as well, but to a much less widespread degree.


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