This video shows you the easiest and best way to clean, lubricate and protect your pump-action shotgun with Adiga Armory Citrus-Powered Synthetic CLP [Cleaner Lubricant Protectant]. Our CLP uses powerful citrus solvents and light distillates to cut through the toughest fouling with ease while remaining safe and gentile on a vast array of firearm finishes. Our 100% synthetic base provides a long-term, highly-durable lubricity that won’t gum up and has an operating range below -50F to over 500F. Adiga CLP was designed with military field use in mind, we are a veteran-founded company after all, so you won’t need separate products for cleaning and lube. Our all-in-one firearm cleaning and maintenance solution is perfect for range bags and field cleaning kits.

We’ll be using a Mossberg 590A1 for the demo. However, the basic maintenance process is pretty much the same for most tube-fed, pump-action shotguns, such as the Mossberg 500, 510, 590, 835, Shockwave, Mavrick 88, Remington 870, 887, TAC-14, Winchester M97 [1897], Super X, SXP, Browning BPS, Ithica 37, Weatherby PA-08, Benelli Nova, M2, M3, Harrington & Richardson (H&R), etc. The shotgun we used only had 50-rounds of birdshot and 15 slugs run through it since the last cleaning, but it was filthy nonetheless! You can see how quickly and easily we removed a **** load of nasty fouling out of the bore.


Permatex 09128 Copper Anti-Seize Lubricant, 8 oz:
Aluminum Rod, Universal Shotgun:

Adiga Armory Citrus Synthetic CLP


Mossberg M590A1 [#50774]


This video shot with Canon EOS Rebel SL2 18-55mm EF-S STM Lens:
The audio recorded with Sony ECMCS3 Omni Stereo Electret Mic:

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Hi folks! Today we’re going to show you just how easy it is to clean and lube your pump-action shotgun using Adiga Armory Citrus-Powered Synthetic CLP.

We’ll be using a Mossberg M590A1 for the demo. However, the basic maintenance process is pretty much the same for most tube-fed, pump-action shotguns.

All you need is a shotgun cleaning rod and brush, some cleaning patches and a bottle of our CLP. Make sure you always clean your guns in a well-ventilated area to avoid exposure to airborne lead vapors.

First lets make sure we are unloaded, with all ammo removed from the work area. We’ll leave the bolt in the half open position.

Then lets unscrew the barrel retaining cap at the end of the mag tube. The mag spring is under pressure, so brace yourself. Remove the mag spring from the tube and remove the barrel by pulling it away from the receiver.

If you have a choke installed, you can remove that as well so you can clean and lube the threads.

Drench a patch with Adiga Armory CLP and run it through the bore a couple of times. Let the CLP soak in for a few minutes before scrubbing.

Run a scrub brush through the bore several times, then clean out the lose fouling with another CLP soaked patch. Repeat as much as needed to remove fouling.

Notice how much filth comes out. This is after only 50 rounds of birdshot and 15 rifled slugs. Our CLP uses a combination of tough citrus solvents and light distillates to tear through stubborn fouling and carbon deposits while being safe on standard firearm materials and finishes.

Clean your choke tube inside and out and leave a small coating of CLP on the threads to lubricate and prevent seizing. You can also apply anti-seize grease to the choke threads if you plan on leaving the choke tube in place for a long period of time. Then, reinstall your choke tube, scrub and wipe the bore one last time to remove any excess lube or fouling.

Repeat the process of scrubbing and wiping clean with a wet CLP patch several times, until most of the fouling is gone.

Once the barrel is mostly clean, you can run a CLP-soaked bore mop through to really make it shine!

Follow it up with a couple of dry patches to remove any remaining CLP. Do not leave excess amounts of CLP, or any other gun care product, in the bore unless it is for long-term storage only. Wiping it with a dry patch before loading or shooting will still leave enough CLP on the surface to protect the metal, without causing potential safety issues.

Next, lets clean the magazine tube. First, remove the mag follower from the tube.

Using a small amount of CLP, run a clean patch through the mag tube a couple of times to remove any dust and dirt. Then run a couple of dry patches through. Just like the barrel, the mag tube should not have excess CLP inside prior to loading the shotgun.

Any excess oil in and around your ammo is a bad thing. So, make sure that mag tube is relatively dry. Don’t worry, even though you can’t see loose oil, a tiny microfilm of synthetic oils, polymers and additives in our CLP will remain in the pores of the metal and on the surfaces to protect it.

Last but not least, take a CLP-soaked patch and wipe down the bolt and action area. There should not be too much fouling in there, so detail stripping this area is only needed on special occasions… maybe just for her birthday or anniversary.

Leave a fair amount of CLP on all of the action surfaces. The solvents will evaporate pretty fast, leaving behind a full synthetic base that provides long-term lubrication, anti-oxidation and protection at up to 500 degrees F.

Then, reassemble the shotgun in reverse order and cycle the action a few times to test functionality. Then, simply wipe down the exterior with a gun cloth or a cotton wash cloth with some CLP on it. This will remove any fingerprints that can tarnish the finish over time. Once you have done all of that, you should be good to go.

And that about wraps it up folks. We hope you enjoyed this video and thanks for visiting today. We’ll see you again next time!

Cleaning Pump-Action Shotguns: The Easiest & Best Way With Adiga Armory CLP
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