World Economic Forum Vaccination

You don’t have to be Nostradamus in order to see where this is going. The World Economic Forum, a scheming and endlessly-conspiring conglomerate of the worlds richest and most powerful sociopaths, wants to brand you and I as “mentally defective” for being “vaccine hesitant”. This combined with “Red Flag” gun confiscation schemes could lead to widespread disarmament of unvaxxed people, and ultimately, to forced vaxxing in their new quarantine gulag camps. Considering we now have Prince Charles publicly calling for a worldwide “military-style” campaign to usher in the Green New Deal – Great Reset – NWO, it is not a far-fetched “conspiracy theory”; it is unfolding right before us. As always, our official response is μολὼν λαβέ [molṑn labé]!

Beyond that… who is truly “vaccine hesitant” anymore? The ones that were “hesitant” have likely already succumb to the pressure, and took the shot. The rest of us are now well in the “vaxx… over my cold dead corpse” category. We’ll take The Great Awakening… and you can keep your not-so-Great Reset.

The WEF directly ties “Vaccine Hesitancy” to “Mental Health”
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