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Recently, the notoriously-destructive, international bio-weapons terrorist, who is not a doctor, but plays one on TV… yes, Bill Gates… made another veiled threat against humanity via his magical, oracle-like premonition of another bio-weapon attack. This time, it’s not some hyped-up cold either… it is weaponized smallpox. Of course, just like with COVID, he “warned” us about it shortly before unleashing it… and just like with COVID, he developed the “cure” long before initiating the attack.

You see, Bill Gates has close ties to Chimerix Inc., the manufacturer of the new smallpox treatment Tembexa [brincidofovir], and the awardee of the FDA approval. Bill Gates gave Chimerix millions of dollars to fund “Ebola research” in Africa. It is this same drug that was used in that research, which is now approved for smallpox treatment. Bill Gates was once again using impoverished people in Guinea, West Africa and other African nations as his personal lab rats to test Tembexa [brincidofovir] for a wide variety of illnesses [many of which likely immerged from his own laboratories, as COVID did]… proverbially throwing lots of dirt at the wall to see if anything sticks.

Apparently, something did stick. It was smallpox. Lord only knows how they discovered that it works on humans against smallpox considering smallpox has been “eradicated” since the 1980’s. One can only assume that local villages were likely intentionally infected with a weaponized variant of smallpox to test efficacy. This time however, he decided to get FDA approval before attacking all of humanity with his experiments, so no one can refuse his “cure”.

Look how low the bar is set for FDA approval these days [below]… at least they had the decency to list “increased risk of death” this time around, after ignoring it with the COVID shots. So, get ready for the return of smallpox… it is all but guaranteed at this point. When will Bill Gates and his masters at the top of the pyramid finally be arrested and tried for their crimes against humanity?… not soon enough.


“FDA approved Tembexa under the agency’s Animal Rule, which allows findings from adequate and well-controlled animal efficacy studies to serve as the basis of an approval when it is not feasible or ethical to conduct efficacy trials in humans.”

“Tembexa received priority review, fast track and orphan drug designations.”

“Safety information to support approval of Tembexa was derived from clinical trials of the drug for a non-smallpox indication, primarily from patients who received hematopoietic stem cell transplants. An increased risk of death was seen in another disease (Cytomegalovirus disease – a viral infection) when Tembexa was used for a longer-than-recommended duration (longer than once a week for two weeks on days 1 and 8). Tembexa is only approved for the treatment of smallpox.”

Bill Gates Warns of Weaponized Smallpox Just After FDA Approves His New Pox Drug
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