Rumble - The Online Video Platform You Need To Know More About

There is a lot of speculation [and some panic] swirling around about the future of the Rumble video platform. Here is something you might not know. The Rumble acquisition is basically a merger with CF Acquisition Fund [CFVI]. The top shareholder of CFVI is Cantor Fitzgerald LP. The CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald LP is Howard Lutnick… And Lutnick is good buddies with President Donald J. Trump… At least good enough buddies to lend Pres. Trump his swanky NYC triplex penthouse back in 2019 for a campaign fundraiser that brought in over $5 million for the President. Not sure how this will effect Rumble in the long run, but it appears that President Trump will sort of “own” Rumble in a roundabout way.

Is Pres. Trump Going to “Own” Rumble?
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