As a veteran-founded company, Adiga Armory offers deep discounts on Concealed Carry [CCW/CFP/CHP] courses to current members and veterans of any US military branch, and to their spouses.


50%-off our current listed price if you want to reserve a spot in advance. If we have open seats on the day of class, walk-in’s can attend for free.

See our schedule for course dates, and submit a reservation if interested. We will send you a discount code and payment info. *


  • Must show one of the following items as proof of current service or honorable separation along with state ID to the instructor on class day: Valid CAC, Valid VHIC, VA Disability Letter, NGB22 or DD214 are the only documents accepted. 
  • Spouses must either be accompanied by service member with proof of service, or provide spouse military ID card along with state ID to the instructor on class day.
  • Payment required to secure all reservations
  • Scheduled courses only
  • Must adhere to our cancellation/refund policy
  • Cannot be used with any other discount