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NEW SERVICE: Adiga Armory now offers both free and paid [premium] classified ads for gun owners and enthusiasts, firearm instructors and dealers, archers, hunters, fishermen and outdoor sporting fans. Gun classifieds can be used to conduct face-to-face firearm transactions where permitted by local laws. If local laws prohibit face-to-face transactions, you must use an FFL dealer to transfer a firearm. Remember, it is a violation of federal law to buy/sell a gun from/to a person who is not a resident of your state unless you go through an FFL. Anyone may post an ad as long as it contains items and content that adhere to our Usage Policy and are relevant to the category in which they are posted.


Here is a PDF template to use for private firearms transfers. It is highly recommended that you always obtain a bill of sale, including ID and CFP numbers of both parties, and retain a copy indefinitely.

firearm bill of sale



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