Close-Up Semi-Auto Handgun
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In an effort to make things more convenient for our students, Adiga Armory carries critical equipment for use in our courses. You can rent a gun and purchase ammo, eye and ear protection directly from us. Prices are as follows:

  • Gun Rentals: 2 mags included with all semi-autos [gun quantities are limited], ammo sold separately.
    • $25 Pistol: 9mm semi-auto
    • $20 Pistol: .22 LR semi-auto
    • $30 Rifle: 5.56mm AR-15 semi-auto
    • $20 Rifle: .22 LR semi-auto
    • $25 Shotgun: 12ga pump-action
    • NOTE: Gun rentals are only available for use in scheduled courses or private lessons, and under direct instructor supervision. Valid State ID required.
    • Restriction: You must be 18 or older to rent a rifle and 21 to rent a pistol; minors must have parent/guardian present at all times. 
  • Ammo Purchases:
    • Ammo prices change constantly. Please contact us for current rates if you need ammo for a course.
    • NOTE: We are not an FFL dealer. Therefor, any ammo purchased from us must be used up during the course. No take-home of any ammo purchased from Adiga Armory. Unopened ammo is returnable on class day. 
  • Safety Gear Purchases:
    • $5: ANSI-Rated Safety Glasses [Clear Poly-Carbonate – One Size]
    • $7: ANSI-Rated Ear Muffs [23 DB Noise Reduction – One Size]
    • NOTE: Due to hygiene and safety issues, eye and ear protection is for sale only; no rentals. Used/opened eye and ear protection is non-returnable unless it is defective. In that case it will be exchanged on class day. 
  • Payments:
    • Gear rental and purchases must be paid in full on class day.
    • We accept major credit cards or cash payments only.