Military Discounts

As a veteran-founded company, Adiga Armory offers deep discounts on Concealed Carry [CCW/CFP/CHP] courses to current members and veterans of any US military branch, and to their spouses. CCW/CFP/CHP MILITARY PRICING: 50%-off our current listed price if you want to reserve a

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the best way for shooters of all skill levels to quickly master and refine the fundamentals of marksmanship. Students will receive one-on-one instruction from a dedicated, experienced and certified firearms instructor. The benefits of private lessons include

Utah CCW Course

Concealed Carry – UT

Utah is a “shall issue” state, meaning that as long as you are not disqualified for current or prior unlawful behavior, you will be issued a permit. A Concealed Firearm Permit [CFP] course is required by Utah law in order to