Refunds Issued:

  • 100% refunds for course fees, gun rental fees and private lessons will be given if you cancel no less than 24-hours before the class or appointment begins. No refunds will be given without at least 24-hours notice of cancellation or rescheduling.*
  • 100% refunds on any new/unopened eye and ear protection within 30-days of purchase. No refunds on open-package eye and ear protection.
  • 100% refunds on any new/unopened ammo returned on course day. No refunds on open package or partial boxes of ammo.
  • You must provide 24-hours notice to reschedule any course. All course fees and/or vouchers will be forfeited if you do not provide 24-hours notice for any change.

Training will not be rendered, and refunds will not be given for any of the following reasons:

  • Failure to bring valid US or State government issued photo ID to class
  • Refusing to sign the required liability waiver
  • Excessive tardiness [more than 20-min] to a “certifying” course [Ex: UT-CFP]
  • Deliberate violations of any training facility policy or safety rule

*Vouchers purchased through a 3rd party are subject to the terms of that 3rd party agreement.