The following is a customer testimonial we received via email and published with his permission. Thank you Mr. Petree, and happy early birthday!


Let me start by saying I am 77 years old today but will be 78 next month.  I have been shooting since I was 8 years old and am an avid fan of anything that shoots the .22LR cartridge.
First and foremost we all know how dirty the rimfire ammo is and how the cheaper brands are not the most reliable.  My second love of recent years has been the Glock pistol.  What a simple and reliable firearm.  When Glock came out with the G44 .22LR pistol I read all of the negative interviews about how it jammed, stove-piped, etc.  After much meditation, loving Glocks and loving the .22LR, I bought one.
First thing I did after bringing it home was to give it a thorough cleaning with your ADIGA ARMORY CLP.  Then I loaded up 5 magazines with CCI Mini Mags and took another 4 bricks of the Mini Mags to the range.  I ran 450 rounds through the G44 and did not have one jam, misfire, or any other malfunction.  After returning home I simply wiped off what carbon there was and cleaned the pistol with your CLP.
Now, did I have this good fortune because Glock got it right, or maybe the quality ammo, or maybe your CLP, or just the luck of the Irish. Whatever the reason, the naysayers can put it where the sun don’t shine.
Photo attached for your amusement.
Johnny Petree
Wausau, WI
Customer Testimonial: Adiga CLP, CCI .22LR, and a Glock G44
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