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We only collect the minimum amount of information we need in order to communicate with you, verify your identity/residency, and provide you with our services. This may include:

  • You name
  • Your age [not DOB]
  • Your contact info [phone and email]
  • Your driver’s license or ID number

IP Addresses:

To protect the privacy of our visitors and promote a free and open dialogue, we scrub the IP address of comment contributors on our comment database table in real time. However, 3rd party payment sites generally do store IP addresses on their database, and our hosting company [Dreamhost] stores IP addresses in the server logs. However, the IP’s are not tied to a particular comment. If you are concerned about privacy, it is always best to use a VPN service.


We use reputable and well-established, PCI-DSS-compliant firms for electronic payment processing. Therefore, we do not see, transmit or store your credit card or financial data in our system.

We use the following 3rd-party products, which are subject to their own privacy policy from the provider.

  • We use Square and PayPal for credit card processing.
  • We use MailChimp for email list management.
  • We use Google encrypted cloud storage, but also encrypt signed rosters and waivers locally before uploading to prevent Google from seeing them.

If you opt-in, you will receive occasional email notifications from us about products and services. However, you can easily unsubscribe if you prefer not to receive email from us. Don’t worry, if you unsubscribe, you will still receive critical course and order correspondence emails.


Adiga Armory is serious about your privacy. We will not sell your information to any third party for any reason. Aside from the services listed here, we will not divulge any of your information for anything short of a formal subpoena signed by a judge, at which point we will attempt to contact and notify you of such a request where permitted by law. We also deploy the following data security measures:

  • HTTPS everywhere on our site [256-bit SSL] and on our credit card payment site.
  • Our employees are required to use VPN on any public networks.
  • We use 2-factor authentication to access digital assets.
  • Signed course rosters are locally encrypted using 256-bit AES before being stored on our secure cloud server, which is also encrypted.
  • We use multiple website security features to block attacks:
    • Website and Server Access Logging
    • Login Attempt Limiter
    • reCAPTCHA
    • IP Blocker/Filter

Adiga Armory will not ask you for sensitive personal information such as your SSN or full DOB. Adiga Armory will not contact you to request any sensitive personal information.