We only collect the minimum amount of information we need in order to provide you with products, services and critical communications. This includes things like your name, address and contact info. We do not collect or store any sensitive data [SSN, DOB, credit card numbers, etc]. Adiga Armory will not ever contact you to request any sensitive personal or financial information.

Please contact us to request a privacy wipe of your order data in our internal order processing system. Please bear in mind that credit card transaction data cannot be deleted as we do not collect or store your credit card data in our internal system. Cryptocurrency payments are more private than credit card payments, which are easily tracked by financial institutions and government agencies.


We will not sell your information to any third party for any reason. And, you do not need an account to place an order with us.

Aside from the services we use for our website and online store, we will not divulge any of your information for anything short of a formal subpoena signed by a judge, at which point we will attempt to contact and notify you of such a request where permitted by law.


We use 3rd-Party services for payment collection, site analysis, site security, usage metrics as well as some services that run on this website [ie: WordPress Plugins]. These services are subject to their own respective privacy policies.

If you are concerned about anonymity online, it is always best to use a VPN service combined with private browsing mode and ad blocking browser add-ons.


We use reputable and well-established, PCI-DSS-compliant firms for electronic payment processing. Therefore, we do not see, transmit or store your credit card or financial data in our system.

We use the following 3rd-party financial services, which are subject to their own privacy policy.

  • We use “WooCommerce” for our online store.
  • We use “Square” for invoicing and credit card processing.
  • We use “Cryptocurrency Checkout” [for “WooCommerce”] for crypto payments.
  • We use “Shippo” for shipping labels.

UPDATED: Jan 14, 2023