Adiga Armory is a veteran-founded educational company that focuses on firearm safety, marksmanship training, 2nd Amendment advocacy, and above all else, the preservation of liberty. We started out our educational multimedia outreach efforts back in early 2009 as a blog, and in 2014 we formally launched Adiga Armory™. We also expanded into formal firearms training with CCW/CFP courses and other live fire defensive handgun, rifle and shotgun courses in Northern Utah and Northern Colorado. Our small organization trained and certified over 1,200 students between 2014-2019.

In 2019 we decided to reduce our in-person training activities and focus our efforts toward online training materials and digital outreach. We also entered the market of firearms cleaning and care products to fund these educational and civic advocacy activities. We did this by launching a revolutionary new product that had been in development for over 5-years. Adiga Armory™ Citrus-Powered Synthetic CLP [Cleaner Lubricant Protectant] was first conceptualized in late 2013. A multitude of formulations were produced, tested, refined, and re-tested many times over the course of the following 5-years… using some of our gracious students and their weaponry as voluntary “guinea pigs” along the way.

We tested every imaginable material and surface finish, and we dumped tens of thousands of rounds downrange to push our product to it’s limits and beyond. The result of this arduous effort is the highest-quality, most versatile and easy to use gun maintenance product on the market. Adiga Armory™ Citrus-Powered Synthetic CLP is pure love… from our hearts, to your “arms”!

Today, we dedicate a sizable portion of our time to educational outreach efforts on alternative media platforms that support free speech. We also donate a significant portion of the proceeds from our CLP sales to support organizations and individuals that promote legislative, legal and informational efforts to restore constitutional rights and civil liberties, and to preserve American heritage and national sovereignty.

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Adiga Armory is a privately held company.