Adiga Armory is a veteran-founded firearms training organization that was formed for the purpose of bringing affordable, professional-grade firearms training to law-abiding patrons. We believe that high-quality training should not be a privilege afforded only by those with professional sponsorships.

Our goal is to promote safe and effective gun ownership through rich knowledge, proper mindset (survival conditioning), and engaging, immersive live-fire exercises. We teach at all skill levels; from beginners who have never shot before, to experts looking to further hone their sharpshooting abilities.

Our certified instructors are skilled in teaching shooters of varying backgrounds; from beginners to advanced; from youth to seniors. Regardless of your background, we will teach you the skills you need to gain speed and precision, and to ascertain a natural sense of tactical awareness.

  • Adiga Armory CLP

Adiga Armory has poured our decades of small arms and military experience into developing the world’s finest firearms cleaning and maintenance product. Adiga Armory Citrus-Powered Synthetic CLP marks a revolutionary shift in how we care for our guns. Check it out here.


Adiga Armory is a subsidiary of Adiga LLC. 

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