As you may have heard, the FBI recently released the preliminary semi-annual crime report for Jan-June 2009. Once again, crime in America is on the decline… despite the fact that 2009 was a record year for the gun industry. Now, I realize that there are many variables besides gun ownership that determine national/regional crime rates. So, I will avoid trying to give gun owners all of the credit for making our country safer. However, with “gun control” advocates constantly insisting that more guns in the hands of citizens equates more violent crime, the contradictory evidence is quite pleasing.

Aside from being a record year for gun and ammo sales, 2009 was also a record year for new CCW/CFP permits; with most shall-issue states seeing a sizable increase in new permits granted compared to 2008. Again, in direct contradiction to the claims of the mainstream media and other anti-gun entities, the streets did not run red with the blood of babies.

Here is a link to the FBI website for more info… FBI Preliminary Crime Report JAN-JUNE 2009

Crime Rate in the USA Continues to Drop
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