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The Gamo Rocket pellet is likely to impress even the most demanding hunter. The unique design of the BB-integrated hollow point, and the sheer down-range power of the Rocket makes for a very useful and diverse pellet.

This relatively heavy .177 caliber (4.5 mm) 9.6 grain projectile is designed to expand by forcing the BB into the hollow cavity on impact. The added weight makes for a significant increase in retained energy at longer distances, and makes it less susceptible to excessive effects of crosswinds.

I tested this ammo in a Crosman 2100 Classic, which only produces about 700 fps at the muzzle. Nonetheless, it produced some amazing real-world results on small game in comparison to other hunting pellets. The first thing I noticed is that it is very accurate, and 25-yard rested groups were about 1.5″ with open sights. The second thing I noticed is that the Gamo Rocket packs a mean punch.

Some time ago, I was suffering from a pigeon infestation in my carport. I needed a humane way of eliminating the pests quickly without using poisons or traps. After taking the first few birds with standard all-lead pellets, I realized the need for more punch as they all required multiple hits before the bird expired. This is when I decided to try a batch of Gamo Rocket pellets on the fat little squatters. Every single subsequent bird expired quickly with only one shot using the Rocket pellets… and I was taking them from a considerable distance of 15-30 yards. I could see and hear the difference immediately… the sound was a solid thud, and the lights go out… one painless ticket to pigeon heaven.

I also tested these on some wet phone books to see how they expand and penetrate. Unfortunately, the 700 fps muzzle velocity of the 2100 Classic is not enough to fully expand the Rocket. I am betting that another 200 fps would do the trick as several of the pellets began to show signs of preliminary expansion. Penetration was very good, with all rounds passing at least half of a phone book. This equates to about 5″-6″ in ballistic gelatin.

Overall, the Gamo Rocket pellet is an excellent choice for any small game hunting or pest control application.

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In Review: Gamo Rocket Pellets

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  • April 20, 2011 at 15:28

    i’ve been using rocket pellets forever in my gamo and the extra 200 fps is huge. the pellet opens right up and the steel tip goes another inch into everything. the tip will also go through steel and tin. ive never seen another pellet go through metal


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