Fiocchi Exacta .223 - 77gr HPBT MatchKing
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I was recently approached by an ammo retailer called, who sent me some Fiocchi Exacta 77gr Sierra MatchKing-HPBT .223 (223MKD) for testing. So, I pulled out the old 90’s model Ruger Ranch rifle, some targets and a chrono and set out to see what this ammo can do. Needless to say, my tough little Ranch Rifle is not known for making dime-sized groups at the length of a football field. Just to keep things in perspective, if I get 3 or 4 MOA, I am usually pretty happy. Furthermore, the twist-rate of the scrawny Ranch Rifle barrel is not really suitable for such a heavy bullet. I usually shoot 55gr – 62gr with decent results. The heavier 77gr bullet in this Fiocchi load would be better suited for a 1:7 twist-rate. However, since I’m not a big .223 guy (sue me), it is all I had laying around for the test.

Here are the results…


All rounds fed, fired and ejected flawlessly in my rifle. However, the Mini-14 has yet to fail me with any type of ammo, so it is hard to say how it will work in a more finicky rifle. Nonetheless, the Fiocchi load appears to be well-manufactured and provided good geometric consistency from round to round.


My chrono results were averaging around 2,630 FPS with an average 12 FPS spread on either side of that. For match ammo, this is about perfect. The load is not too hot, and the spread is small, which provides good P.O.I. consistency.


The accuracy test was the point where I realized that this load needs a faster twist-rate in order to be judged fairly. My 50-yard rested groups with the Ranch Rifle varied between 2”in – 2.25”in (sigh). I am absolutely positive that this load is capable of far better performance if used in a proper platform. What I wouldn’t do for a decent bolt action .223 with a 1:7 twist-rate and a free-floating heavy barrel at a time like this.


The Fiocchi load provides excellent quality at a reasonable price. How can you ask for more than that? And the folks at are friendly, well-stocked and ready to serve.

Happy shootin’,

The Brasstard

In Review: Fiocchi Exacta .223 – 77gr HPBT MatchKing
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One thought on “In Review: Fiocchi Exacta .223 – 77gr HPBT MatchKing

  • March 10, 2014 at 15:21

    How will this type of round perform in an AR-15 20 inch barrel with a 1/9 twist?

    Reply from Admin,
    I believe that the 1:9 twist is too slow for such a heavy bullet. You would have better results with a 62g. Ideally, a 1:7 rate would work best for 77g.


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