Logic would dictate that when an armed, violent maniac is trying to kill you, a reasonable response would be to return fire, reload and repeat as needed. While the world struggles to digest what happened in Paris on Friday, Nov. 13th, 2015, the focus is drawn to a belated effort to end the wave of migrants from Syria into Europe. Unfortunately, this effort fails to address the most fundamental security flaw in the EU… a disarmed and utterly helpless citizenry.

Much like many of America’s urban centers, churches, schools and government facilities, Europe is a massive “Gun-Free Zone”. By now, we all know how well those work at stopping homicidal maniacs. I mean, a murderer may scoff at the word of the law, and at a possible death sentence for their murderous rampage, but they will most certainly be stopped by that pretty little “no guns” sign at the front door. Right?

Sadly, Europe has gone too far down the rabbit hole of incremental “gun control” to save herself from this current trajectory. This should be a wake-up call to all Americans who falsely believe that Europe is some sort of “progressive” model worthy of aspiring toward. It most certainly is not. Europe’s history is full to the brim with blood and tyranny. This is why the Founding Fathers of these United States of America designed this nation the way they did… to NOT be like Europe.

The perpetually misled Europeans had to be “bailed out” of WWI and WWII by armed American intervention. And based on current observations, we may have to do it again in WWIII. Do not make the same mistakes that our friends in Europe have made time and time again by voluntarily disarming in the name of “progress”. There is no “progress” in death and tyranny, which always seem to follow the laying down of The People’s arms.

Remain watchful friends.

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Paris Bloodbath Further Highlights the Need for Armed Citizens

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