Sometimes folks ask us why we do not include fingerprinting services like some other Utah Concealed Firearm Permit [CFP] instructors do. This article from the Salt Lake Tribune explains the response we have used for years. Poor print quality will get you rejected, and making good ink-based fingerprints is an art form [and it takes a good bit of luck].

Ink prints, such as those that many CCW/CFP instructors provide, can be very challenging even for professional fingerprinting technicians. Even under the best scenarios, the failure rate of ink prints is simply too high, and is not an acceptable standard for us to offer to our valued customers. We always recommend people get prints done electronically, such as the Utah BCI provides. Electronic print scanners tell you on the spot if an area of the print is insufficient.

Regardless of who you take your class from, we urge extreme caution when dealing with CFP instructors who offer “free” fingerprints with their class. A good set of ink prints takes time and patience to produce. CFP courses will have between 15-40 people in them. This means that these guys will be in a big rush to get through all of the “free” prints before the day is through. That ultimately leads to sloppy results and revoked applications. It is simply not worth the time you will save up front to have to re-apply after weeks or months of waiting.

On top of all of that, these peddlers of “free” fingerprinting services usually charge much higher rates for course fees. At Adiga Armory, we simply adjust our price down a bit so you can afford a decent set of fingerprints. In our opinion, it is time well spent.

CAUTION: Revoked Utah CFP Applications for Poor Prints
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One thought on “CAUTION: Revoked Utah CFP Applications for Poor Prints

  • May 4, 2016 at 10:00

    Makes sense… There is no such thing as a “free lunch”.


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