This is a great video that deserves some attention; a data compilation and analysis of real-world handgun shootings. It examines their effectiveness when weighed against other pistol calibers, and against rifles and shotguns. While it does make some questionable assumptions regarding the .22LR’s illegitimacy as a BUG-out/survival gun, as well as the odd pitch for the .454 Casull as the ideal[?]… opinions aside, the actual data is well compiled and generally makes a lot of sense. Check it out here…

Adiga Armory Citrus Synthetic CLP
“The Best Handgun Caliber In The World”
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One thought on ““The Best Handgun Caliber In The World”

  • November 26, 2018 at 15:31

    I agree… never considered a .22 to be a bad choice for survival… also, never considered the .454/.45LC to be an ideal choice. I prefer something lightweight and more common.


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