Today we’ll be talking about some quick and easy ways to improve the accuracy of your AK-pattern rifles. If you purchase a quality rifle, use good ammo and apply decent marksmanship, the AK47 may just surprise you with unexpectedly good results. Will it ever be a bench rest match rifle?… not likely. But it is more than able to reach out to extended ranges if the job requires it.


-MOJO AK MicroClick™ Adjustable Rear Sight [Model – AKMC]

-KNS PRECISION AK47/SKS .052 Diameter Ball Front Sight [Model – AKBALL052]

-DEFINITIVE ARMS UF-M4 [Model UFM4-AKMS or UFM4-YUGO] Underfolder Stock Adapter


Definitive Arms UF-M4 Conversion:…


Talking heads video: Vimeo Free Videos via

Falling particles video: Vimeo Free Videos via

AK47 Green Man Video: Videogrammer via

Bullets into glass video: Dieter_G via

Soldiers at war video: Louis-de-Funes via

Riot video: Vimeo Free Videos via

Old factory video 1: Video by KML via

Old factory video 2: Louis-de-Funes via

Grinder sparks video: Wastedgeneration via

Guy with AK video: Harry at

Improve the Accuracy of Your AK-47 with 5 Simple Upgrades
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