So, you use a gun to secure yourself, your home, your liberty, your family and your property. But how do you secure your digital self? This video is a short guide for securing and hardening your home network using the built-in router, modem, gateway, and firewall security features.

It is not a comprehensive list for enterprise network security professionals, but more for personal or small business users to increase their security posture.

This video covers everything from simple concepts such as updating default admin/WPA2 passwords and SSID, to more in-depth functionality such as blocking/disabling WPS PIN access, UPnP, Remote Management, Internet Ping Requests, Unused/Vulnerable Services and Ports as well as using the Guest Network, exporting your settings and checking network logs.

We are using the following device for the demo, but most consumer devices will have many of the same features. We picked this not because it is necessarily the “best” or most secure, but it reflects a group of common, consumer-grade modem/router combo products in wide use around the world.

Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 and/or C6900

Netgear Genie GUI

Other applicable device manufacturers include [but not limited to]:

D-Link, Motorola, TP-Link, Arris, Zoom, Linksys






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Cyber Click Video:

Cyber Network earth Video:

World Cyber Threat Map [Fair Use Reference] Courtesy of Kaspersky:

Thumbs Up Video:

World Cyber VPN Video:


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How to Secure Your Home Network, WiFi Router and Modem

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