Today we’re going to try and stab a hole through a Level IIIa Kevlar ballistic body armor panel using a fixed blade karambit. The karambit is an amazing defensive blade with origins in the Kali and Silat fighting arts from Southeast Asia. It is capable of inflicting fierce slashes, nasty punctures and overall close quarters carnage against an opponent… but does it have what it takes to defeat a Level IIIa Kevlar ballistic body armor panel that is designed to stop a powerful .44 Magnum round? Let’s find out…

WARNING: Please do not try this at home! I got a boo boo on my pinky and it kind’a hurt.




ATTRIBUTIONS: Song “As Long As You Love Me” by Otis McDonald – YouTube Audio Library

Karambit vs Level IIIa Kevlar Ballistic Body Armor

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