Today we are going to show you how to remove and replace a broken or stressed back brace on a tractor 3-point brush hog / bush hog / brush cutter. This is a safer method than using a chain to replace the top link, and will still retain the OEM / factory rigid top link.

Parts Used…
• 8ft – 10 ft of 3/8” towing chain [measure your back braces and add 15% extra length]
• 2 X ½” anchor shackles [measure brush hog deck mounting holes; ½” anchors have 5/8” cross pin]
• 2 – 3 of the ½” Quick Links

Fire Burst Intro by “diizlerza” at Videezy
Music via Youtube Audio Library:
• Music: “The Twister” by Dan Lebowitz via Youtube Audio Library
• Music: “Birdseye Blues” by Chris Haugen via Youtube Audio Library

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DIY Replacing Brush Hog “Back Brace” with Chain Using OEM Rigid Top Link.

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