Fake Magpul MBUS ProMost of us are aware of people selling fake Asian-made knock-off’s or copies of legitimate name-brand products. This is nothing new. Some can be well-made and carry a much lower price tag, making them a decent value. However, there has been a flood of fake Magpul products, such as the MBUS Pro sight sets shown here, that are being advertised as real MBUS Pro’s, and carry the same hefty price tag.

Buyers should beware of items like these. They can be distinguished by the cheap cardboard packaging, generic flathead mounting screw, and poorly engineered sight adjustments. These sites might cost you $120+ for a set, but are realistically worth only about $10. If you are sent a fake, demand an immediate refund from the retailer. If they refuse, issue a charge back with your credit card and reference this article if needed.

Adiga Armory


Buyer Beware: Fake Magpul Hardware

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