Here is the link for the grip tape we used in this video:

This DIY video will show you how to make homemade Talon-style grips for your polymer shotgun or rifle stock out of readily-available rubberized grip tape. This will give you same nice, tacky grip you get from Talon at a much more affordable price point. This is a very simple mod that gives you nice alternative to stippling, which is a permanent alteration that can adversely affect resale value, and if done incorrectly, stippling can permanently damage your firearm. This grip tape method is easily reversible if you make a mistake or just don’t like the results. However, it stays put and is highly durable unless subjected to high heat.

Adiga Armory Citrus Synthetic CLP
DIY Talon-Style Grips-Part 2: Shotguns and Rifles

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