There are some pretty sophisticated fake and counterfeit Sig Romeo 5 red dot optics out there. We’ll show you how to identify a fake. Grab you magnifying glass.

Here is the actual seller [and listing] who shipped us the fake and fraudulent Sig Romeo 5 that we sent to the Sig Factory for analysis. Seller name 5946069 and they are based in China, and this is the only item they have listed. Despite claiming the item is in Georgia… that was also a lie…. it did not not actually ship to us from Georgia… it came in from Los Angeles… likely from the customs port to their middle man.

Here is the actual listing…
And here is the seller profile…

Here are some things to look at…

The “5” looks like a letter “S”
There were 4 ridges on the objective rings. Real one has 3. Also, the objective lens is more straight/perpendicular to the ground. The real Romeo has more of a slant/slope to the objective lens.

The serial number was very old and had been reused multiple times.
How to Spot a Fake Sig Sauer Romeo 5
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3 thoughts on “How to Spot a Fake Sig Sauer Romeo 5

  • October 6, 2023 at 08:51

    I just bought a fake romeo5 from Amazon (confirmed by Sig) that fixed all these problems. It’s getting really difficult to tell the difference.

    • October 6, 2023 at 09:01

      Sorry to hear that. Yeah, I won’t be surprised if they do illegal “night runs” out of the same factory that makes the real ones. That is a common practice for companies that choose to manufacture overseas.

  • September 16, 2022 at 06:07

    The real sig has smooth curves on the aluminum ridges, these are super sharp. The battery in a real sig is an energizer, fake ones usally have crappy generic ones. The metal circular strips inside the battery cap are thinner and look cheap, the sig has thicker fingers and looks super nice. Can’t tell in these pics but fake ones have short sections of knurls on the big know, the real sig has long sections with short smooth break in between them. The diameter of the tube is usually 19mm the real Sig is 20.8 mm. You can see the rear objective doesn’t have good rubber around it and you can see the internal metal tube sticking up above it, in other words its not centered well. The projector for the red dot is in the 6 oclkc position on the fakes in the rear objective, the real Sig has it in the 4-5 o’clock position. The fake ones have straight glass in the front, the real Sig has the class slanted slightly and this is for the optics and to get a sharp red dot. The fake ones change the size of the red dot as you go brighter, the real Sig red dot will stay the same size as its 2 MOA. Biggest tell is , its from Ebay. I was going to buy one from a 3rd party seller on Amazon but its 50$ cheaper than the other sellers, I wouldn’t buy from any 3rd party sellers, you can see they are in shady crappy little bungalow stores or offices where they peddle tons of different type of crap on ebay or Amazon. If its to good of a deal to believe, it is exactly just that. Think to yourself, where do these rinky dink store fronts get these products from. Sig does not sell to them, but counterfeiters do.


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