There are some pretty sophisticated fake and counterfeit Sig Romeo 5 red dot optics out there. We’ll show you how to identify a fake. Grab you magnifying glass.

Here is the actual seller [and listing] who shipped us the fake and fraudulent Sig Romeo 5 that we sent to the Sig Factory for analysis. Seller name 5946069 and they are based in China, and this is the only item they have listed. Despite claiming the item is in Georgia… that was also a lie…. it did not not actually ship to us from Georgia… it came in from Los Angeles… likely from the customs port to their middle man.

Here is the actual listing…
And here is the seller profile…

Here are some things to look at…

The “5” looks like a letter “S”
There were 4 ridges on the objective rings. Real one has 3. Also, the objective lens is more straight/perpendicular to the ground. The real Romeo has more of a slant/slope to the objective lens.

The serial number was very old and had been reused multiple times.
How to Spot a Fake Sig Sauer Romeo 5
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